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As part of my healing work, I created the “Energy Elevation Process” for performers, which can impact the field of entertainment in a profound way.  Here is what I can do using this process and how it will help both performers and audiences:

I am able to release negative energies from a person “mentally and emotionally” to help performers be more effective in their performance, less distracted by negative thoughts and feelings that were prevalent in their consciousness prior to the performance.  I am able to help people let go of fears, worries, anxieties… anything bothering them or making them feel down.  This will help performers tremendously in letting go of their own personal agenda, in order to be more present and spontaneous in their artistic role.

In addition, I am able to “raise the frequencies” of the performers’ physical and subtle bodies, and increase their “Level of Light,” i.e., the amount of Higher consciousness, Light, or Spiritual energy they are able to bring through.  What this means is that the person starts to function at a higher level, feeling more uplifted, inspired, and in tune with his or her “Higher Spiritual Self.”  This then allows the performer to give a maximally inspired, uplifting, and soul-stirring performance.  See "Energy Elevation Process."

Practical Application:

  For Movie Productions:  By being “cleared” and “uplifted” in this way on an ongoing basis, the actors will be free to give their best and most inspired performance possible.  A script can be great, but if the performers are not as inspiring and uplifting as possible, a movie production, no matter how large the budget, can fall flat on its face.  Read More…

  For Theatrical Performances:  In receiving this clearing and uplifting, the actors become free to give their best performance possible, and of course, all benefit from this:  the audience—who receives the maximum enjoyment possible, the actors—who get better reviews, more accolades for their performance, and more possibilities for advancement and recognition in their careers—and the company or people producing the show who will benefit financially from the greater success of the performance.

  For Singers Cutting Recordings (individually or in group):  In receiving the clearing and uplifting that my work provides, the singer/s will be as “high” and uplifted as possible, thus creating the best recording possible, with the greatest likelihood of success.  When performers go into a recording studio where there is no audience to entertain or be energized by, they often have a more difficult time reaching the same heights of inspiration and energy.  Often, the recording of a show or piece of music can’t compare to the live performance for this reason. My work becomes imperative in this case, helping the performers reach their maximum capability to be uplifted and inspired, thus helping their recording to be as uplifting and inspirational as possible to music lovers.


“I have been a stage singer and performer for many years.  I first met Phyllis following a theatre production I had performed in.  Phyllis came to the show many times and every time she did it was like a party.  The show was high energy, and the crowds were having a great time, giving us so much energy in return.  After speaking with Phyllis she told me about her work in energy and telepathic healing.  She described being able to lift away what may be burdening performers so that they can be at their best, and also lifting away negative energy from audience members as well, so that they can fully enjoy the production.

I am not a religious or superstitious person.  I didn’t believe in this kind of “work”, or the validity of what she described at all.  However, she struck me as such a kind, positive person who truly wishes the best for those around her, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that!  I enjoyed seeing her at multiple theatre productions.

After a time though, it became harder and harder to blame it on coincidence. The theatre schedule can be very taxing physically, vocally, and emotionally at times.  But whenever Phyllis attended, I always felt at my best, and those in attendance seemed so joyful and receptive.  One particular experience had me kind of amazed.

I was performing in the King and I (a 3-hour show) and we did 6 shows a week, with two shows on Saturday.  One particular Saturday evening I had friends and family who had flown in from out of town who had never seen me perform onstage before.  My voice was tired and stressed and after the Saturday matinee I was almost hoarse.  One of the pit musicians asked how I was going to get through another show.  I really didn’t know!

I sat in the dressing room and cried my eyes out during the dinner break. Finally, I had to pull myself together.  The show must go on.  I thought I would just have to focus on the storytelling, and hope I had enough voice to at least hit the notes.

Not long before curtain time I got a “second wind”, some new-found energy and determination.  When I sang my first number I was surprised at how crystal clear my voice was.  And it held on throughout the whole production.  There was so much energy and focus among the cast.  It was an intense show and the audience was on the edge of their seats.  Cast members backstage at intermission were commenting on how special this show was.  It was a magical performance.  I was so happy and relieved.

When I came out to the lobby to greet my family—there was Phyllis!  I almost fell over in disbelief.  I did not know she was there, but I had felt the energy she had instilled in us all.  She has made me a true believer!”

Jill Blackwood,
Singer, performer
Austin, TX



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