Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do you want me to get a Personal Rejuvenizer first, if I am just interested in Phyllis’ work?

It’s good that you are interested in Phyllis’ work.  She can help people in profound ways to move forward and make significant changes in all aspects of their lives.  But you see, if you are really interested in Phyllis’ work, you need to understand that the Rejuvenizer is an important part of her work. That’s why we want you to have it—to have the best of all that Phyllis can do for you.

The Rejuvenizer is a powerful tool to remove many layers of negativity from you and your energy field.  By having one prior to the session, Phyllis won’t have to deal with all those same layers of negativity, since the Rejuvenizer will have taken care of them.  Without your having a Rejuvenizer, Phyllis will have to deal with a whole lot of negative energies that would have been otherwise handled by the Rejuvenizer, and then she won’t be able to focus as much on your personal issues and give you all that you need during the session.

You see, the Rejuvenizer starts the healing and clearing process for you, and then it is easier for Phyllis to address your specific issues during the private session. For example, exposure to electromagnetic fields has been found to create depression, irritability, stress, and immune system problems. By keeping those energies out of your field, Phyllis can better see what’s really going on with you. Your having a Rejuvenizer helps the process tremendously… that’s really why we want you to have one.

We truly want you to be happy with your Rejuvenizer because it allows you to be in Phyllis’ “lifetime club.”  She keeps adding new functions to the Rejuvenizer as technology changes, and as she makes new discoveries about what else people need to support their health and well-being.  And, she does this at no additional charge.  She is very committed to helping you as much as possible via the Rejuvenizer, so it is an extremely valuable tool, with a lifetime worth of benefits.

We do have a 60-day money-back guarantee… we’re not forcing you to keep it. We just want you to have it prior to the session, to allow you to get the most out of your private work with Phyllis.

Q: What is the Rejuvenizer made of exactly?  How does it work?  What exactly makes me protected from viruses?  Are colors a factor in terms of properties?

Okay, here’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth……

My work is 4th dimensional, not 3rd dimensional.  Third dimension is the realm of the physical, that is, the world of things and objects.  You are looking at a phone or computer screen to read this.  You may be sitting on a chair or perhaps on the floor.  You eat food to survive.  These are all part of the 3rd dimension, the realm of all things physical.  In addition, all understandings based on logic, reason, and science would be part of the 3rd dimensional reality.  If you can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it or hear it, then it's a part of what I'm calling the 3rd dimension.

What I call the 4th dimension is the realm of energy and consciousness that underlies the 3rd dimension.  It is the realm of the unseen, that can only be accessed by our 6th sense, our intuition.  The 4th dimension is where we feel awake and alive inside.  It is a realm that requires faith, since it's non-physical and can't be accessed through our "normal" channels of perception, that is, our five senses.

The 4th dimension is actually the realm from which the 3rd dimension springs.  Everything starts in one's consciousness and “drops” into physical reality.  This is why athletes can imagine winning in their consciousness as a way to actually help them win in "the real world," the 3rd dimension.

As human beings, we’re supposed to be 100% open to both 3rd and 4th dimension, in order to experience our true spiritual power.  We are here in a physical body, but we are more than our physical body… we are powerful, spiritual, energetic beings who can use our energy wisely to manifest what we want in the physical universe.  When a person is only aware of 3rd dimensional reality, they are missing half of life, and can’t understand how this 3rd dimensional object (the Rejuvenizer) can do all the things it can do.

So, by opening to the idea of 4th dimension, one can start to better comprehend what is going on.  The 4th dimension has no boundaries… it is by definition, infinite or eternal.  I can “look” at someone in Europe or China and do an energetic read on what’s going on with them.  This is because I am not bound by the 3rd dimensional restrictions of time and space; it is as if they (and their energy) are “here” with me when I look at them.

Conversely, I can work on people when they are far away, and easily “send them energetic support” in order to “clear viruses,” “remove negative energy causing pain or blockages in a physical organ,” etc.  Again, I am not bound by time and space, so the person, even though far away, will receive the energetic support I send them instantly.  The left brain, in its logic and belief solely in 3rd dimensional reality, cannot comprehend this.  However, the right brain, with its intuitive nature and ability to “trust the unseen” can.

Through the gifts of healing I have developed over the past 35+ years of intensive work on myself (to develop my full potential and become all that I can be), I am able to do many things (like the “clear viruses” example mentioned above).   Thus, I have been able to program the Rejuvenizers to do many of the functions that I could do for people, but would have to intervene constantly, whenever the need arose.

For example, you could call me and I can clear whatever virus or bacteria is making you sick, but you could go back to the same environment the next day and pick up more.  I discovered this after learning I could “clear viruses and bacteria,” many years ago.

So, I decided to put this function into the Personal Rejuvenizer… so people wouldn’t have to keep calling me every time they picked up some kind of “bug.”  I have added thousands upon thousands of different functions like this over time, all of them based on many years of working with people and learning what everyone needs to help them be as healthy as possible, given the condition of life in our high-tech world.

So essentially the Rejuvenizer works because of the healing gifts I have developed.  I am simply programming the Rejuvenizer to do the things I can do for people as a “one-time shot” when they call… but not 24/7.  Thus, the Rejuvenizer can work for you all the time, protecting you from EMFs and other damaging frequencies, clearing viruses, etc.  (This is just a fraction of what I have it programmed to do... we have a free 80-minute CD available if you are interested in learning more about it… or listen online.

An interesting note:  Although I can do all these things for myself, I still wear a Rejuvenizer, because I don’t want to sit around all day fixing my energy field from getting hit by all the high-tech energies in our world.  It makes life so much nicer when it’s all handled automatically…. so I can just relax and enjoy being in my body… and not feel all "whacked" and scattered—the way I used to feel 30 years ago before I had a Rejuvenizer.

Once I had formulated the concept of the Rejuvenizer, I prayed for a beautiful form to house the technology and discovered “fused dichroic glass.” I then searched the country and found the best artists whom I hired to create the pieces for me.  Each piece is individually made, so each one is like a little work of art… and then I encode them with the particular "healing and repair" functions to help people as much as possible.  This is a process that took me 35+ years to figure out and perfect.

In 1988, I was assigned a group of Higher dimensional beings who are now instrumental in helping me with this.  With their help, I bring through frequencies from a higher dimension, in order to solve the problems we have created for ourselves in this dimension.  Apparently, this is a blessing for our planet that would otherwise not be available here, in our current 3rd-dimensional reality.

It took me many years of working with these “Helpers” to be able to figure out how to do this.  It used to take me a long time to add new functions to the Rejuvenizer, as I had to “channel another language” to bring the frequencies through.  Now I am able to do it rapidly, at the speed of thought, as I have had many years to develop my spiritual power and perfect the whole process.  Because of the hundreds of thousands of healing and protective functions I’ve put into the Rejuvenizers to date, it takes approximately 37 hours to completely encode each piece.

There’s my story.  Unusual, I know, but all true.

We have a 60-day, money-back guarantee, so that you can have an experience with the Rejuvenizer, rather than just go “on faith” alone.  

Because we are dealing with very subtle energies, you may not feel the effects of the Rejuvenizer right away, just as you don’t feel the negative electromagnetic frequencies damaging your energy field.  However, most people will experience the benefits we mention within the first two months of use.

Although the work is 4th dimensional, the benefits are definitely experienced in the 3rd dimension... that is, within your body.  Some people can actually feel an energetic shift within the first twenty minutes of wearing the Rejuvenizer, and some may take longer before they trust their feelings of what is taking place within them.  It may take some time for you to become aware of the benefits, which is why we give you the 60-day, money-back guarantee.

The various colors are not significant, except you get to choose whatever color appeals to you.  Because I am an artist at heart and love beauty, I couldn’t make the decision to limit people to just one or two colors.  I loved all the different colors and designs, so I decided to make them all available.  I wanted everyone to be able to decide whichever color and design appealed to them the most.  So YOU get to make the choice as to what you like, not me.  All Rejuvenizers are equally encoded… the color is not a part of their functioning, just a design element and something for the owner to enjoy.

Q: Why does the Rejuvenizer cost so much?

It certainly seems like a lot from a certain point of view…. but you have to understand that you’re literally getting the benefits of nearly 40 years of my research and development, along with a lifetime of healing and protection that the Rejuvenizer brings.  The Rejuvenizer continues to work on you 24/7 for the rest of your life.  In addition, I continually add new functions to all Rejuvenizers—sometimes 3-4 times a week—when I find out about new health or energetic problems we all face.

For example, several years ago, I got a message from my “spiritual Helpers” that a new satellite system had just been put in place, and that it was wiping out everyone’s etheric body (which is the blueprint for the physical).  So suddenly, everyone on the planet began to get more tired and had no clue why or what to do about it.  I was able to add new functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer to heal and repair the etheric body and protect it completely from those satellite frequencies.  I do this kind of upgrade at no extra charge for all Rejuvenizer owners, on an ongoing basis!

Recently I put in a major program to help heal allergies at the deepest level in the body—a process that could take 8-24 months’ worth of work. I added that at no extra charge.  Also, when the “bird flu” came out, I added new protective and healing functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer to keep people from getting sick from it.

So you see… it’s a one-time payment and you continue to get more and more benefits over time.  It’s actually quite inexpensive for all that you get.  With computer software, you buy it once, and then periodically you have to pay more money for upgrades, and even sometimes, on a monthly basis.  The same thing happens with cell phones. You are forced to keep buying new ones in order to keep up with the pace of technology.  This is probably the only product out there that gets constantly upgraded at no additional charge.

Think about it.. when you get insurance, you pay every month… it’s not just a one-time payment.  This is a one-time payment, with ongoing healing and protection for your entire life.  It’s a wonderful service.  My hope is that you will enjoy it so much that you will share it with all your friends and loved ones and encourage them to get one—to help give them the longest and healthiest life possible in this high-tech world.

Q: How do you upgrade the Rejuvenizers?

Because the technology is 4th dimensional and energy-based, it’s not necessary for a person to send their Rejuvenizer back to us to receive the upgrades.  I am able to upgrade all the pieces energetically.  Remember, this goes beyond our normal 3rd dimensional approach to life, so it’s very different from what we are currently able to understand with our logic-based, left brain.

Q: I have been wearing your Rejuvenizer for quite some time and have not gotten sick for several months, until this week.  I have bronchitis and a head cold and wonder if my Rejuvenizer is working.  I thought it was supposed to prevent this stuff (viruses, bacteria, etc.)  Is that wrong?

The truth is, the Rejuvenizer never stops working.  It is a little “workhorse,” and is continually following my instructions to give you clearing, healing, and protection from all the myriad of frequencies and other negative energies out there, including many viruses and bacteria.  However, you still have to deal with your issues.  Unpleasant things can still happen (welcome to life on the planet!).  All of us have many layers of negative subconscious programming (from many lifetimes) that can attract negative circumstances to us, including illness.  But the Rejuvenizer will help you in many, many ways over time and protect you from MANY detrimental energies present in our world today.

The Rejuvenizer is a product of 35+ years of my research, and truly does all that we say it does. You just have to understand that other things can come up to influence you.  This is why I have included a note to all Rejuvenizer owners, inviting them to take advantage of the mini-session hotline, along with the clearing programs I offer.

I am allowing Rejuvenizer owners to use the mini-session hotline, even if they are not regular clients, to help with any personal issues that come up that need immediate attention.  The Rejuvenizer will help you deal with many issues over time, but sometimes you may need extra healing or clearing right away, and don’t want to wait six months or a year, or whatever time it would take the Rejuvenizer to handle it.  (To be clear, there is a fee for any additional work that is requested... this is not part of the "free upgrades" you get.)

Many Rejuvenizer owners are also clients, and I work with them to clear their issues and negative subconscious programming on a regular basis, over time.  So please understand that the Rejuvenizer is not a panacea for all your ills.  However, it will help you in countless ways—the first and foremost being to keep your energy field intact so that it’s not damaged by all the detrimental frequencies found in our high-tech world.  As the energy field is healed and normalized, the physical body can experience better health and increased well-being over time.

When you have some particular illness or upsetting circumstance, I recommend doing some extra clearing to help you deal with it more effectively and clear the programming that attracted the situation in the first place.  A “full-session mini” ($65) would be the most inexpensive and effective way to go, as you get 12 weeks of clearing and healing around the issue.

We have a special “Program” of $57 a month, for a 12-week block of time, to allow people to follow my guides’ recommendation of a session every 3 months and a mini-session at least every 3 weeks.  You can get more information about the different types of sessions we offer on the sessions page.

Q: If I get the Personal Rejuvenizer, why do I need the other Rejuvenizers?

Most people start with the Personal… because it does the most for your body, and that’s where you reside all of the time.  However, even if your body is protected, you may still be aware of your environment feeling bad or having depressing energy.  Our environment is impacted big time by all the electric lines, telephone lines, appliances, computers… plus all the overhead frequencies from microwave, satellite, cell phones, TV and radio broadcasts, and WIFI (wireless internet) frequencies which saturate the air.

Having the Personal Rejuvenizer without the others would be like getting all dressed up in a fancy dress or suit, and then going outside and hanging out in some alley.  It’s like YOU might feel better with the Personal Rejuvenizer, but you are still aware of the vibration of the area around you, and that can either lift you up or bring you down.  So, the other Rejuvenizers help raise the quality of the energy in your environment, which then supports YOU in feeling better.  No, you don’t NEED the other ones, but you may choose to get them to enhance the quality of your space… and consequently the quality of your life.

Also, the other Rejuvenizers have different functions from the Personal Rejuvenizer that you may be interested in.  For example, the Travel Rejuvenizer has special functions to help wake you up while you drive and to wake up other drivers as well, to help avoid accidents.  It also creates a stress-free environment in your car, so that driving feels better, and is a more uplifting and enjoyable experience for you.  It’s great to use in planes to help minimize stress and fear.  (I’ve added many new functions since 9-11 to help deal with all the fear and higher number of negative frequencies that are being generated at airports.)



Q: I am interested in the Communications Breakthrough System, but I am not quite clear on the difference between this System, a Mini-Session, and a Full Session with you. Could you fill in the gaps?

The Communications Breakthrough System is precisely that... to fill in the gaps… between sessions and mini-sessions.  The ideal program recommended by my guides is:  a full session every 3 months… plus mini sessions sprinkled in between, about every 2 to 3 weeks.  During the rest of the time (which is quite extensive), it is highly recommended that you work on yourself.

So, the Communications Breakthrough System is a powerful tool, to help you take responsibility, become aware of what’s going on inside, and essentially work on healing yourself.  Using the System also allows the “Higher healing energies” I work with to come in and help clear your negative programming as it surfaces.

Also, there is a great technique in my second book, “Love Now, Here’s How” (like Louise Hays’ “Heal Your Body,” but in the area of relationships) on page 27, called the “Advanced Subconscious Clearing” Technique.  This is something else you can do to help clear out old programming as it arises.

I’m a big believer in DOING something when your negativity surfaces... i.e., do a technique, work with the Communications Breakthrough System... do something to help you get through it and release the old “stuff.”  My first book, “Prince Charming Lives,” also has a valuable technique, where you take some time to experience the feelings that are surfacing in your body, in order to help integrate and dissipate the negative energy you’re feeling  ("The Rapid Integration Technique," at the end of Ch. 9).  My "Higher helpers" come in when you do this one too, to help you release your old negative programming.

In other words, instead of wallowing in whatever negative energy or feelings that have surfaced in you, it is always valuable to use an effective tool or technique to “clear” or release your underlying negative programming and help you move forward with your life.

Q: What if other issues surface shortly after our in-person session? Can I call you and talk with you about it?

As much as I wish that were possible, it’s important to understand that my work is not “hand-holding” therapy.  That is, I cannot be available to talk with everyone who wants to discuss their thoughts and feelings on a regular basis, as in regular, weekly therapy.

You could view my work more like “psychic surgery,” in that my skill is pulling out negative programming from the subconscious mind and healing and repairing the subtle and physical bodies from damage they’ve sustained from many sources—both within you and within your environment.

Yes, when we talk, I help you gain insight into what’s going on inside you, but in truth, I work on clearing you for 3 months (12 weeks) after we hang up the phone.  This is very different from traditional therapy where you need to speak with the therapist on a regular basis.

However, the “guides” I work with, recommend that between full sessions, you do mini-sessions on a regular basis (every 2 to 3 weeks at least).  This is the way you stay in touch with me, via email, and get any additional clearing you need, based on issues that have surfaced since the time of our phone session.

Q: What if I feel really bad after our session and need to talk with you?

First, it is rare that a person would feel this way after a session.  More often than not, people feel lighter and more relieved from the work we do together.  However, this may take a few days or even a week to “kick in.”  Sometimes, right up front, my “Helpers” are busy clearing “blocking and sabotaging energies”… parts of you that want to resist the clearing in order to keep things the same and unchanged.  You do this to feel secure, but it is not what you REALLY want.

Since you’ve contacted me for help, you really do want to change, but sometimes there is subconscious resistance to such change.  If you were to feel “worse” after the session, it is simply those parts of you that are balking at being asked to change.  The good news is that we can clear those as well… but they may just need a little more time until they all are willing to go.

Be patient.  You will get this resistance cleared, and you will feel the positive, uplifting benefits that the session can bring.  What’s important to understand is this:  Whatever you experience from the session, it is important for you to take responsibility for your experience.  I promise you that the session is “all good... all God... all Light”... that nothing is done to you to “make you” feel bad.  If, for some reason, something comes up within you that causes you to feel bad, it is important for you to step back and realize that this is something in you that is resisting feeling better... and that this, too, shall pass, if you give it time.

Everything that happens in our 3rd dimensional world—including our negative thoughts and feelings, pains in our body, unwanted situations, etc.—has its basis in our consciousness.  Whenever we are having a problem in the 3rd dimension, we need to go back to the underlying energy and consciousness (the 4th dimension) to find the deeper cause of whatever is going on.  You can access this information by noticing your thoughts and feelings.  Your thoughts and feelings are a bridge to your consciousness.

If you feel “bad” after a session, own your experience and understand that there is something within you that is working its way out... and it will clear shortly.  In truth, I’m not doing anything to you, other than lightening your load.  If your load doesn’t FEEL lighter right away, then there is something within you that is preventing you from having this experience.

If you hang in there with this work, I promise you, you will feel lighter.  Sometimes it just takes time for the deeper parts of you to “get with the program” and be willing to let go and change.  The challenge is, if you don’t take responsibility for your experience and blame me or the session, then you will wind up getting stuck with all that negativity inside you.  By taking responsibility for it, you are stepping onto the “fast track” that will allow you to deeply heal whatever negativity you are experiencing.  If you really feel you need to call, you can call my office and speak to my assistant, who is trained to help you in these matters, and who can easily contact me and apprise me of the situation.

Help is always here for you.  But we need you to understand the nature of this work and the way we interface with our clients.  I promise you that I do my best to help each and every person I work with to move forward in their life and with their healing process as rapidly as possible.

Q:  I have a mini-session scheduled in a couple of weeks (per your recommendation of “every 2 to 3 weeks”), but I feel like I need some extra help now.  I really don’t want to wait two weeks for this help, as I’m experiencing a lot of upset and discomfort NOW.  What should I do?  Can you start the mini-session early?

Let me clarify.  When I recommend a mini-session every 2 to 3 weeks, I am recommending a MINIMUM program... do AT LEAST that much, to help you clear resistance or oppositional energies that arise after your initial session and ensure that you move forward as rapidly as possible.  However, when challenging circumstances arise and you’re having difficulties in life, by all means, it is an ideal time to call in for an additional mini-session.  Sometimes, when people go through a rough period, they may call in several times a week. (We usually give a little discount for each subsequent mini done that particular week, to help you out.)

So, don’t feel bad about “calling early” or "too often." It’s totally normal. if you are having difficulty now, and your mini is in a couple of weeks, there’s no way I would wait until that time.  Mini sessions are done WHENEVER you need them.  There is no limit as to how much you can call and ask for help.  In truth, the people who do more frequent mini-sessions between sessions move faster, because they’re getting more clearing.

All discomfort or upset is a signal that something is going on inside that needs to be addressed.  Since the mini-session addresses your issues, it helps you let go of more of your subconscious “baggage,” and you get freer.  The mini-sessions, along with the full sessions, are helping you to grow and become more of who you are.  You are in charge of your life, and you can request as much clearing as you would like.  There is no limit.