Understanding "Levels of Light"

July 22, 2017

Many years ago, my guides ("Higher-Dimensional Beings" who were assigned to me to help me in my work) taught me about "Levels of Light," i.e., how much Light or Higher consciousness a person is letting in and allowing themselves to experience. For years, I watched different shows and performances on TV and in movies and observed paintings in galleries and museums, intuitively measuring performers' and artists' "Level of Light," and gathered information.

Your average person hangs out around Level of Light 5 to 10. Your average "metaphysical" person is often around 15 to 25, since metaphysically-oriented people are generally more comfortable being who they are at deeper levels. When people go "beyond 46," they are getting more into their Higher Self, that is, they allow themselves to get beyond the limits of their ego and bring through a higher, more spiritual quality of energy.

When people perform or create works of art, if they don't get past Level of Light 46, they're afraid to transcend and leave the ego behind. They're afraid to let go of who they know themselves to be, in order to bring forth a Higher expression of their true Spiritual Self. It's easier to look at entertainers to understand this, since so many people are familiar with these particular films. According to my research, all the great performers, whose performances were memorable, seemed to get past Level of Light 110.


  • Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca: LL (Level of Light) 113,
  • Ingrid Bergmann in the same movie: LL 118,
  • Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate: LL 113,
  • Omar Sharif in Dr. Zhivago: LL 112,
  • Julie Christie in the same movie: LL 114,
  • Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl: LL 114,
  • Liam Neeson in Schindler's List: LL 113,
  • Bruce Willis in Diehard: LL 115,
  • Michael Clarke Duncan in The Green Mile: LL 119,
  • Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump and Castaway: LL 118
  • Demi Moore in Ghost: LL 114.

It seems like the magic starts to happen when a performer or artist gets past Level of Light 110.

And because of the "frequency upgrades" we've all received in the past few years, performers and artists now have the opportunity to bring through an even higher Level of Light, that is, a higher level of inspiration and upliftment, which is a spiritual boost to us all.  I have seen many be able to reach Level of Light 130 or above, as the lead actors did in the movie, "Chicago," years later.

In 2018, I have seen some singers on America's Got Talent reach unbelievably high Levels of Light.  Their performances were so soul-stirring, they brought a flood of tears to my eyes.  There were four people who reached Level of Light 175-192. I had never seen anything like it.  The cool part about this is that the audience clearly recognized "something special" in them and responded with thunderous applause to each of them.

So, bottom-line, I am just putting words... and numbers... to a phenomenon that people can already sense deep within!  And it seems that in spite of a lot of chaos and negativity on the planet, we are, as a race, getting "Higher," freer, and more connected to a source of power and Light beyond ourselves.  These amazing singers are showing us a clear example of that!!

I am currently being guided to make my work available to artists and performers, to help them bring through an even higher quality of entertainment for all of us to enjoy.