Full-Session Mini

{Note:  All reviews for Phyllis'  Full, Private,"In-Person" Session are equally relevant here, as the same exact work is given, just in a different format.]

In this session, you get the full 3 months (12 weeks) of clearing, even though you don't learn specifically what is going on in your subconscious.  It still works really well, and many welcome the clearing and healing that accompany this session, even without the feedback.  Since there is a waiting list of about three to six months before people can do the "Full, Private, 'In-Person' Session" with Phyllis, many often choose to do the "Full Session Mini" first, to start the work right away, before they are able to speak with her.  

Some people will do this session every 3 months (as recommended by Phyllis' guides) in order to get the ongoing benefits from Phyllis' work at the lowest cost possible.  Once we have your credit card on file, you can order this session by calling the "Mini-Session Hotline" (512-301-2998) or simply order it online (see "Add to Cart" above).  You can mention your issues in a private, secure voicemail message on the "Hotline" or once you have completed payment, you can share your issues via this link. 


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