"The Soul Diet That Works" Package

"The Soul Diet That Works"

"The Soul Diet" Package is about helping you to lose weight from within, rather than following a regime of what to eat or not eat.  (Eating in a healthy manner is always helpful, and we may give you some suggestions at some point, but it is not the primary focus of the program, nor what allows it to work, bottom-line.)

We will look at and work on releasing the negative programs and energies in your subconscious mind and energy field that are causing you to hold onto excess weight.  There is always something within you, at some level, that is creating your physical reality—including the size, shape, weight and health of your body.  "The Soul Diet" is about helping you, at the soul level, to heal and make changes in your life that support you in creating the physical body you want, and learning to love what you have created to date, in the process.

The “Soul Diet” focuses on the most important question:  What is this soul trying to learn from having this body weight and issues at this time?  Our thoughts—which come from deep within, from our very consciousness—continually send energy out into our world and attract everything to us.  Yes, everything!

If you are overweight now, some part of you is attracting this experience to you.  If you’ve struggled with weight challenges all of your life, some part of you has set up those particular challenges from which to learn and grow.  Everything in our life is there—ultimately “created” by ourselves—to help us grow and become more connected to the loving spiritual Being that we are, deep inside.

The “Soul Diet” does not focus on cutting down on calories or fat, like most diets, but more about helping you, at the soul level, to release all past negativity, trauma and subconscious programming that are keeping you stuck at a certain place with your body that is unpleasant, uncomfortable, or undesirable for you.  This is an ideal program for those of you who really want to make deep changes in your lives, and for those who have tried dieting endlessly, with little or no results.  It is also for those of you who find yourself continuously struggling with your weight.  

Now is the time to start looking within to find and release the true causes of this struggle.  Your body is trying to teach you something, and you haven’t been able to get the lessons until now.  The “Soul Diet” will help you to get those lessons, so that you can move on, and make the changes to yourself, to your body, and to your life that you’ve been wanting to make. 

We are all powerful spiritual Beings, and “wizards” in our own right.  We have the ability to manifest the life we want, by working consciously with our thoughts and releasing old negative programming within our subconscious minds that keeps us stuck and limited.  It is time for you to take your power back and reclaim your “inner wizard.”  The “Soul Diet” will help empower you to transform your life if you truly want to move forward.  In all likelihood, this will not be an overnight process, but it will eventually help you to re-create yourself and live more of the life you have longed to live.

There is nothing like the “Soul Diet” available on the planet. This is a very special discovery you have made, to be exploring this path at this time.  It is very possible that your soul has been waiting for this invaluable opportunity for inner healing and transformation for many lifetimes.  It is no accident that you have come upon this “diet” at this time.  Congratulations!   (More details...)