"The Love Package"

We all have enormous amounts of negative, subconscious programming around love, along with many layers of old trauma and negative feelings—based on all that has happened to us in the area of love (in this and  past lifetimes!)  All of this will be dealt with in the context of "The Love Package."

Here is a specific list of all that will be done for you in this program.  We will work on:

1) Clearing subconscious programming that makes you feel unlovable, unworthy, or undeserving of love.

You may want, with all your heart, to find your "dream-come-true" relationship partner, but if you feel unlovable, unworthy, or undeserving of love in any way, it will be challenging, at best, for relationships to work out for you over time.  Either you will not allow yourself to attract such a relationship partner in the first place, or you will "blow it up" in some way, if you do find the person you seek.

Love comes from within, and once you allow yourself to feel that energy within your heart, then you will be able to find another to share that love with.  If you feel no love within you for own self, then it will be extremely difficult to find lasting love with another.

2) Clearing subconscious programming that makes the heart chakra dysfunction (e.g., slows down, spins backwards, etc.)

The heart chakra is the spinning energy center through which love flows in us, located in the center of our chest, to the right of our physical heart.  It needs to function fully—that is, spin smoothly, at the right pace, and in the right direction—for us to feel ongoing love.  Often, our negative subconscious programs around love cause this center to falter and not work properly.  This, then, diminishes our ability to experience love within our self and share it with another.  Then we "get to be right" about our negative beliefs, such as: "love isn't here for me; I am unwanted; I can't find anyone to share love with, etc." 

4) Clearing subconscious programming that causes you to hate, and any feelings of hatred you have within you, based on experiences from this or past lifetimes. 

This energy "clogs" your heart and keeps love out.  All hatred needs to be cleared in order to let more love in.  All such negative energy will show up in your relationships at some point, to give you an opportunity to heal it.

The problem is, when it shows up in your significant relationship, it always looks like your partner is "doing it to you," which then brings up the hatred within you.  The truth is, you attracted that particular partner because it would give you an opportunity to heal the hatred within you—as long as you own your experience and let go of blaming your partner for what you are feeling.  Most people just blame the other person and then decide to leave the relationship.  When you do this, you are stuck with that negative energy within YOU!

5) Clearing subconscious programming, trauma, and negative memories around being controlled by those who love you.

When you fear being controlled by love, you will either avoid love in order to be free, or attract domineering, controlling partners.  Obviously, neither of these options are fulfilling or desirable for you.

6) Clearing subconscious programming, trauma, and negative memories around love and self-expression. 

There are many subconscious programs in this area, as it is common for people to think they have to sacrifice themselves in order to have love in their lives.  This would severely limit them from being true to themselves in relationships.  It could even create great resentment toward their partner for not "letting them" be who they are.

Then, there is the whole attitude toward womenthat their "job" is to support their man and do whatever he wants.  Women have only been "coming into their own" for a couple of generations.  A lot of this negative programming stems from past life experiences when women had no or little "voice" In their relationships.

Men have issues here too, as many enter a relationship with a deep sense of obligation to be there for their spouse, which often accompanies feelings and beliefs that this precludes them from being able to be true to themselves and doing what they really want.

The ideal relationship happens when both people are willing to communicate fully and are willing to be who they are.  (Issues you have that make the heart and throat chakras dysfunction will be addressed and cleared here.)  Both people need to be willing to be true to themselves, while choosing to be together to share life experiences.

7) Clearing negative subconscious programming, trauma, and negative memories that make you fear intimacy.

This includes clearing the fear of someone getting to know you more deeply.  Because of negative judgments you have about yourself, you may be afraid to let others get close, for fear they will find out that you're "bad" or "wrong" (or whatever negative beliefs you have about yourself).

8) Clearing negative programming, trauma, and memories associated with the breakup of a relationship. 

Whether you break up with someone or they break up with you, it is usually a difficult situation, where hurt is felt on both sides.  There is no easy way to say to someone, "I don't want to be with you anymore," without feeling some sort of guilt, remorse, fear, or sorrow.  And for the recipient of such news, there is often tremendous anger, along with feelings of hurt, unworthiness and abandonment. 

While the hurt is very real in the present, there are generally deeper roots from the past.  This part of “The Love Package" will help you clear both the current anger, hurt, and sorrow, along with the deeper subconscious roots of those feelings.

9) Clearing negative programming, traumas, and memories that “love equals obligation,” and is therefore, something to be avoided.

When you believe that love equals obligationbased on past experiences in this or other lifetimeslove becomes an anchor, and your experience is that love weighs you down.  You will either avoid love in order to avoid being obligated or create relationships in which you feel burdened or "enslaved."  Clearing these energies will help you to create more mutually supportive relationships in which you feel safe to love and be loved.

10) Clearing negative programs, traumas, and memories that create dysfunctions in the male or female parts or systems in the body. 

When we have issues with the opposite sex (e.g., feeling ignored or unloved by them, feeling taken advantage of, resenting them, etc.), these negative feelings can create physical problems in our male or female parts.  This part of the "Love Package" will work on clearing  such negative programs in order to restore greater health to those parts of the body that get affected by such issues.

11) Clearing negative programming, trauma, and memories that make you feel undeserving of sexual pleasure.

This includes religious programming from this or past lives that makes you think that God will be mad at you for enjoying your sexual nature.  Accompanying such programming are often feelings of guilt, along with fears of a punishing or wrathful God.

12) Clearing negative programming, trauma, and memories that make you fear sex, based on past experiences in this or other lifetimes (e.g., fear of being hurt, used, abandoned if you don't say "yes," fear of getting pregnant, etc.)

Whatever you believe about relationships will tend to manifest in your experiences with a relationship partner. Any kind of fear of being hurt, used, abandoned, etc. will only attract those very things you fear.  Clearing your fears allows you to create the positive relationships attributes you seek:  lasting love, connection, mutual respect and support, and enjoying each others' company throughout life.

13) Clearing negative programming, trauma, and memories that give you a fear of contracting  a sexual disease.

This would include ongoing clearing of all negative programs and energies (e.g., entities, "possessions." viruses, bacteria, etc.) that may be holding a physical problem in place.  If you have old feelings of guilt around sex, then you could attract a sexual disease as "punishment" for your feelings.  Remember, it is "no accident" what you attract to you—since YOU are always creating your reality at the deepest levels.  Also remember, as we clear your negative programs that attracted such a problem, it can absolutely clear up.  Often, when there is a sexual disease, the person has had many past lifetimes when they had a similar condition.  So, it's important to clear this energy from all lifetimes, to free you to create and enjoy good sexual health.

14) Clearing negative programming, trauma, and memories around the fear of not having any power in relationships and any other issues that would make the 2nd and 3rd chakras dysfunction as we relate to others.

15) Clearing all negative programs, traumas, and memories of losing a loved one through death.

Sometimes when we lose a beloved through death, the pain is so great, we may inwardly vow to never love again, for fear of repeating such an intense experience of loss.  This "vow" may have been made in a past life, but is continuing to affect your current life experiences and keeping true love and intimacy at a distance.

This part of "The Love Package" is very helpful whenever we do lose a loved one through death, as it helps you move more easily through your current feelings of loss and sorrow, while clearing the past roots of such feelings.  Again, it is never easy to go through this kind of experience, but by clearing the past roots of your current feelings, your current experience will be much less painful and traumatic than it would have otherwise been. 

There is no simple solution as to how to deal with the loss of a loved one through death, nor can it be "gotten over" in a short period of time.  However, with the deep clearing and healing that "The Love Package" brings, you will be able to eventually let go of, rather than get stuck in the intensity of all that you have gone through.

As you can see, The Love Package is quite comprehensive and includes work on many different aspects to love.  You need to understand that all of the above takes a while to clear.  We’re not talking “overnight” or even “a few months.”

With that said, we recommend that you stay on it until you feel like you’re where you want to be.  You know why you signed up for this program… you’ll know when you get to a place where you feel like you’ve achieved your love and relationship goals.  Just know that most people have so much negative programming, trauma and memories in this area, that it simply takes time to clear.  The best idea is to cultivate patience with yourself, so that you can give yourself whatever time you need to grow and transform in this incredibly vital area of love.