Phyllis Light's Telepathic Healing, cont'd.

There are many levels at which we human beings operate, and when our programming gets activated—causing us to experience feelings of discomfort, unhappiness, anger, despair, etc.—many parts of our human energy field also go awry, which then reinforces our negative feelings and makes it difficult to pull ourselves together.

When people tell us, “Oh, you don’t need to hold on to feeling that way,” or “Just let it go, you don’t need to let that bother you,” it isn’t so simple to stop feeling the way we’re feeling.  There are many subtle triggers that have already gone off in us that are creating negativity at deep levels, and these must also be addressed in the process of healing ourselves.

Here are some potential problem areas within the human energy field that often require healing or repair and which get dealt with automatically in the context of Phyllis’ work:

—The energy centers within the body (“chakras”) may slow down in their natural spinning motion, or they may start to spin backwards, or they may even stop spinning altogether when your negative programming gets activated.  This can cause you to feel stuck or unable to let go in some way.

—Physical systems (e.g., digestive, eliminative, immune, etc.) and physical organs (e.g., spleen, stomach, colon, etc.) may also slow down or go awry in their functioning, or the natural color of the auric field may change around those systems or organs, causing actual problems within the physical body.  Also, any of the above (subtle energy bodies, chakras, physical systems, etc.) can go off in timing or out of synch when your negative programming gets activated.  This always reinforces feeling out of sorts, unhappy, or uncomfortable in some way, and can be somewhat challenging to normalize quickly on your own.

—Your energy field may also be damaged due to anesthesia from surgical procedures or from another person’s negativity (consciously or unconsciously) directed toward you in the form of “barbs,” “punctures,” “bashes,” “dents,” and “bruises.” These actually cause you to feel pain or discomfort in the physical body over time, although you are normally unaware of the energetic source.

—You may unconsciously sever your “grounding mechanisms” or your “physical energy channels” whenever your programming about “not wanting to be here” gets activated. These will need to be repaired in order to restore your physical energy and help you “get back in your body” and be present once again.

Additional Areas of Subconscious Programming Cleared in this Work:

—“Pieces in memory” — These are tiny “storehouses” in the cells and subtle bodies of negative programming and memories of “how life is” for a person. These “pieces in memory” include the memory of everything you have ever experienced—even in previous lifetimes!

—“Grooves in the brain” — These are energetic pathways in the brain that continually create habitual responses in people, even after their negative subconscious programming has been cleared.

—“Alternate dimensions” — These are self-created “places” to which a person goes in his consciousness that ultimately keep him from being present and enjoying life.  They are generally created by a person unconsciously, at an early age, and are characterized by one particular negative belief or pattern, e.g. “I Can’t Be Happy Here” Dimension, or “No One Knows I Exist” Dimension, etc.

—“Trance states” — These are unconscious tendencies to slip into old ways of feeling and behaving, usually based on childhood reactions to life, that prevent a person from being present and able to effectively deal with life as an adult.  When a person is in a “trance state,” they are more or less stuck in a reactive mode and are unable to be aware of what is actually happening around them.

Other Sources of Negativity and Discomfort Also Cleared:

—“Shut-down mechanisms” — These are energetic devices a person will throw into you to literally stop you or shut you down in some way.  They are thrown into you as a function of the person’s intention to prevent you from doing whatever you were doing or about to do.

—“Harm wishes” (also called, “negative prayers” or “curse energy”) — When people get angry at you, they often hurl negativity at you in the form of a “harm wish” (e.g., a person who gets fired might turn to his boss and say, “I hope this business falls apart and you lose everything”).  If the boss is afraid or even superstitious, he might “buy into” that negative “prediction” and then create that for himself.  Some people hurl these “harm wishes” consciously and intend to do damage; some hurl them in anger and then move on, forgetting about the whole situation.  The problem is that the negative energy will often “stick” to a person, and the message gets stored in their subconscious. (These negative energies are actually “visible” clairvoyantly in the subtle bodies!)

—“A.L.F.” (“Alfies”) “Anti-Life Forces”— Fragmented portions of the ego that store negative emotions.  These surface periodically and block our clarity, sabotaging our ability to act in loving, life-supporting ways to ourselves and others.  Most people have about 1,000 of these.  They form as a result of the first 18 years of life.

—“N.L.F.” (“Nelfies”) “Negative Life Forms” — These are little bits of negativity with a life of their own that are attracted to us because of our negative programming.  They stick to our subtle bodies and make us feel negative, as well as project negativity into our environment.  They also hide in the chakras, hampering effective functioning in the specific area the chakra deals with.

—“A.F.U.” “Anti-Faith Units” — These are small energy blockages that people attract by the age of 12, based on their attitudes and beliefs (past and present). They reside in the area of the seventh chakra and block the influx of spiritual energy, keeping a person locked into a certain degree of skepticism and negativity, and blocking them from trusting and having faith in a “Higher Power” working for good in their life.

—“Etheric Thought Clusters” — These are specific energy blockages, located in the “etheric body,” which prevent a person from experiencing change in his life.  They are formed from subconscious programming which makes a person afraid of change.  Although unhappiness or suffering may dominate a person’s life, the thought of actually experiencing joy or peace in life brings up too much insecurity; the change would be too great.  Therefore, a person creates “etheric thought clusters” which block positive change from occurring in his life and make him feel more secure (although most likely, unhappy).

—Blockages to the “Flame of God’s Holy Will” — This is a small “flame” through which God communicates His Will or plan for us.  It is located deep within the body, approximately 1 3/4″ below the navel.  When we have a “gut feeling,” this is the energy that we are tuning in to.  The flame is small in each person, based on his body size, until puberty, when it then stabilizes at 1 1/2″ to 1 3/4″.  It generally stays there unless one’s consciousness allows more God energy to be present.  Often, negative subconscious programming about God and religion can cause the flame to be severely diminished in size.

—“Spiritual Viruses” — Every person has 380 of these, located in the subtle bodies.  They act like viruses in that they lie dormant until they become activated by stressful circumstances.  When active, they hamper energy flow and well-being and exacerbate a person’s stressed condition on all levels—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

A Note From Phyllis:  I continually get new information.  As a result, ongoing work allows you to “stay on top of” and take advantage of my latest discoveries. You will notice that current sessions often look and feel different from previous sessions.  I am continually upgrading my technology and incorporating all new discoveries I make into my current work.

33 Levels Deep! (Phyllis explains)

I made a significant discovery in 1989 which not only saved my life, but enabled me to expand and understand the true depth of my work.  Out of my ambitious and impulsive attempt to clear all my programming about death being inevitable at the end of life, I created a major colon problem.  In attempting so much clearing at once, it was as if my body was saying to me, “What? Are you kidding?… I can’t let go of all of that!”… and my colon shut down.  [I have since learned to do such clearing slowly, over time!]

I “went down for the count,” and could hardly move my body for six weeks, with my colon refusing to work, and the pain terrific.  My friends wanted to take me to the hospital, but I was stubborn.  “I got myself into this, so I’m going to get myself out of this!” was my cry.

One morning at 3 AM, as I slept, stabbing pains began piercing my colon.  I rolled over in anguish, clutching my side, horrified by the pain.  I tried everything I knew to make the pain subside.  I tried clearing the programming creating it.  I tried breathing into it.  I talked to it;  I let go of the fear… everything!!!  But the pain continued with all intensity for nearly an hour.  Then suddenly I heard a voice: “There are 33 levels to the subconscious mind. You need to figure out which level the pain is stuck on.”  My ears perked up—a way out!

I immediately tuned in and asked which level the pain was stuck on, and used the information I received to clear the problem and heal myself.  I continued clearing my programming using the new information about the 33 levels, and within 20 minutes, the pain had diminished substantially.  I continued to work on myself for the next three days and was able to clear myself all 33 levels deep and heal my colon completely.

I then was given the information that most healing methodologies available today can only help people clear themselves down to levels 3 or 4.  Some can touch level 6 or 7 to a degree.  My teacher’s work had been able to go 10 levels deep, and on my own, I had managed to clear 21 levels deep.  And now, because of the necessity of pulling myself out of this major crisis, I was able to clear 33 levels deep.  This was very exciting indeed!  Obviously, being able to clear to the depths of the subconscious mind is vital to achieve a more permanent and effective healing, and I’m now able to do this for all my clients, over time.

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