July 2008 Newsletter

July 01, 2008

July 3, 2008

To New Rejuvenizer Owners

 Welcome to all the new Rejuvenizer owners who just joined my "Lifetime Club" at the Health and Wellness Expo in the Chicago area. May you enjoy many years of better health and greater well-being as a result of your Rejuvenizer purchases. Remember, since you probably don't feel the negative frequencies weakening you in each moment, you may not feel the effects of the Rejuvenizer immediately. However, it is very common to experience positive results over time, so just be patient with yourself. Feel free to share any positive or interesting experiences you have, over time, as we love to share those with others.
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New Personal Rejuvenizer Pendant Color

We recently added a new color to our current Rejuvenizer line, called "Red Passion." People seem to love it, so we just wanted you to know about it since it's not on our current literature. We have had different colors come and go over the years, based on their popularity. We introduced the Red Passion, just to see if people liked it. Wow, we've gotten a great response. Just wanted you to know!
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Fake Rejuvenzer Alert

 Beware of "fake" Rejuvenizers. We've had the Rejuvenizer technology available for the past 18 years. They say "imitation is the highest form of flattery." But sad to say that two totally unscrupulous people have decided to pretend to sell Rejuvenizers (they even copied information directly from our literature!) They have a slightly different name, but it's very close!!

We have had reports of many people experiencing great confusion. These shysters have been following us to the various expos we do, setting up a competing booth, and telling people that our devices don't work. Can you imagine? Wow.

It's hard for me to imagine that people could be so totally out of integrity, but I guess it can happen. (I am personally clearing all my stuff that attracted this situation to me, as I believe everything ultimately happens to support our growth and clarity... and this has been a major growth opportunity, for sure!)

I just wanted you to know, so you can be aware, and help guide people you may meet who bought the "cheap" imitation of the Rejuvenizer, thinking that they are receiving the same benefits. The only thing they are receiving is a lot of negative energy, which is making them feel a lot worse. We are being forced to take legal action, in the name of dispelling the confusion and misinformation in the market place. All prayers that these people stop what they are doing are welcomed, as that is the most important level of action, as far as I'm concerned.

Freedom and Spiritual Independence

In the name of freedom and independence, I wrote an article which is posted on my new EMF blog, if you are interested.

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EMF Website and Blog for current EMF Spiritual and Health Effects News

We have just created a new website (www.emfprotection.com), solely for the purpose of sharing information about protecting yourself from EMFs (electromagnetic fields). This is very important, because people will be able to learn more readily about the Rejuvenizers.

I also started a separate blog for EMFs. You can read the blog reports and post your comments) at: http:// emfprotection.wordpress.com/. In addition, we are offering a service so that you can subscribe to the new postings. Look on the right side of the blog for Feedburner, Subscribe to this Blog and click on the link below. You'll be prompted to enter your email address. Updates will be handled through Feedburner.
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Wishing you...

A safe and restful summer and a happy 4th of July holiday. Thank you all for your ongoing interest and support. Please stay in touch.

-- Phyllis & the Staff at Light Unlimited

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