January 18, 2021

written for Sedona Journal of Emergence: November, 2020

Carving a Path of Peace in Tumultuous Times

The winds of change blow hard upon us all. But whether we are blown over by it and completely wiped out or stand strong depends on how connected we are to our deepest inner Self.  As the willow is flexible and bends with the wind, we, too, must remain flexible and flow with the changes life is bringing. Any place inside us that wants to remain rigid and unchanging makes us like the mighty oak, which can more easily break in a strong wind. Whether you bend or break during these times is up to you, at the deepest levels of your being. 

How do you connect with your deepest inner Self? Start by telling the truth—to yourself and to others. You may be surprised by what comes out of your mouth when you commit to doing this, but this is the best place to start. In telling the truth, you become freer to be who you really are, even if you don’t yet know who that is. You become more connected to your deepest inner Self as you continue to be as authentic as you can be with yourself and those around you. 

The more you act out of “should’s” and “ought to’s,” the more you are distancing yourself from your true nature. Ponder this: who told you that you “should” or “ought to” behave in those ways? What beliefs have you taken on from others that are guiding your life right now that are not your own? 

Part of carving a path of peace for yourself is coming into alignment with what IS true for you, not what others have told you “should be true” for you. Whenever we act on OTHERS’ beliefs of who we should be, we are denying our true spiritual connection and creating dissonance in our life. We are not listening to the needs and wants of our deepest Self. We are letting others dictate our attitudes and behaviors, and ultimately determining the course of our lives. 

Be willing to be who you are. This is a concept that may be very foreign to you, especially if you have learned that “being there for others is the most important thing you can do.” It’s not to say that being kind and generous are not two important values in life. Of course they are. It’s just that your own “pitcher” needs to be full and overflowing before true giving can take place.

Many of us have learned to give and give even when our own pitcher is low or empty. That is, we are wired to give so much that we deplete ourselves and forget to listen to what our deepest Self needs and wants. We are there for others “all the time” and ignore all inner promptings to take care of ourselves deep down. Life lived in this way can only lead to a breakdown at some point, because the path is one of ongoing disconnection from your deepest inner Self.           


No one can deny that life is changing in many ways today. Many of the structures we have relied on for so long have broken down or even gone away. That which used to bring a sense of relief and security has shifted and no longer supports us in feeling safe and secure. It is a time, without question, to re-create ourselves and our world. And, the best place to start is with your relationship to yourself. 

Do you treat yourself as a best friend would? Or, do you beat up on yourself when you don’t “measure up” or meet the expectations you have set for yourself? Many people have developed the habit of “beating up on themselves,” based on how they were treated as a child, and this behavior needs to be examined and healed, for true peace to be present. 

Your heart knows what you need and want in order to feel loved and nurtured. Seek out activities that provide you with the love and nurturing you desire. Ask for what you need from those around you. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be at peace, regardless of what is going on in our tumultuous world. 

You may be riding a surfboard and the waves seem outrageously huge and unmanageable, however, you CAN stay on top of the water. You don’t HAVE TO fall off your board and let the waves take you under. You do have the option to keep your balance and ride the waves, no matter how humungous they might seem! 

This is what we mean by “carving a path of peace.”  Regardless of how big the waves are, you can peacefully and easily ride your surfboard until you reach the shore, without trauma or tumult. You can navigate the twists and turns of your life in a way that allows you to feel on top of things and in charge, rather than victimized and out of control by it all. 

How do you want to experience your life? Do you enjoy drama and feeling like a victim? Sometimes you need to tell the truth about what you have attracted up until now, and your investment in having such experiences. This is the place within yourself to start making changes. 

What part of me has WANTED the negativity I have experienced within myself or in my life up until now? Do I want to keep attracting the same thing or am I ready to change some deep attitudes and beliefs I have in order to attract something more fulfilling and rewarding? This sort of self-investigation and truth-telling is important for real change to occur. 


Protecting yourself from the constant bombardment by EMFs and other high-tech frequencies is imperative if you want to experience deep peace. We all get hit by more than 300,000 life-damaging energies per minute in our world today that can create depression, irritability, stress, immune system challenges and cardiovascular problems. How on Earth can one feel peaceful with all that going on?

Using your cell phone, working on a computer, having WiFi in your home or office, going through the scanner at an airport, being in the presence of anything electrical or electronic... all of these things create these detrimental frequencies which wreak havoc on our ability to feel peace deep down. The GPS frequencies, TV, radio and satellite frequencies that fill the air, are also contributors to this phenomenon that is crushing humans on all levels, including spiritual. 

When the frequencies pass through the energy field above the 7th chakra (the spiritual center at the top of the head), they create tiny energetic fragmentations of that field, which remain positioned around the 7th chakra. These energies then block the Higher, spiritual energy coming in through the chakra system. We are prevented from experiencing the true Divine energy that is our birthright, designed to help us get in touch with who we truly are, as a spiritual being of Light and Love. 

So not only are these high-tech frequencies creating emotional and physical disturbances within you, they are also disconnecting you from your true Higher Self, which is what gives you a deep sense of meaning and purpose to your life.  You can imagine how this ongoing disconnection would impede your ability to find true peace within yourself! 

Life on the planet is far from easy at this time. All of the systems and institutions we have counted on for so long are undergoing massive change, and there is very little in our world that can help us feel safe and secure. However, these feelings CAN come from within, by dropping anchor into our deepest inner Self, and trusting that connection to guide us safely on the rest of our journey through life. 

Transformation can be quite challenging, but the more we connect to our deepest inner Self and listen to the promptings of our hearts, the more we can easily navigate the changes taking place and “carve a path of peace” through it all.