Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness… Pass it on (published in Sedona Magazine 4-10-22)

October 10, 2022

Each of us needs to deal with all the dissonance and divisiveness taking place in the world, as it is inescapable. Yet, there is a deeper understanding and lesson to be learned here, from all of this. In Truth, the situation in the world is something we have all collectively created, on some level, with our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs—both conscious and subconscious. What we now have today is an incredible growth opportunity for us all to transform our deepest beliefs about what is real and possible for ourselves and for all of humanity. 

Astrologically speaking, we are going through a very intense “Pluto Return” period. It is a time of turmoil and upheaval in which it LOOKS like all that we have known and loved is being destroyed or taken away from us. This happens every 247 years or so, and is a time of major intense transformation, usually the kind to which anyone in their right mind would say “no thank you.”

However, it is on the “cosmic docket” and here we are, in the midst of this period. It is actually a long-term event, but includes a particularly intense 5-6 year period, the effects being felt before, during, and after the actual event takes place—when Pluto comes back to the exact same position it was in 247 years prior. We have another two and a half to three and a half years to feel (and reel from) such effects, so our healing and transformation will continue for a while. 

They say you can look back at life 247 years ago to see what kinds of things played out then. Patterns usually repeat themselves and issues that we haven’t quite dealt with fully will resurface for further review and healing. That would be around 1775 to 1776 and we know our world in the U.S. was in torment… so much so that we had a major revolution that turned life upside down in many ways.

That was the time of intense fighting to throw off the tyranny and controlling authoritarianism of England and the result was birthing a brand-new nation, founded on “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Pluto stirs the “stability pot” and brings enormous feelings of being out of control. Its message is essentially, “it is time for all that you know and depend on to be knocked down and rebuilt, transforming it into something new and better. It happens when those things are no longer working or cosmically “right” for you, or in this case, humanity as a whole. 

During Pluto periods, these control issues are often brought about by someone or some group trying to control or manipulate those “below” them, and then those people finally balk, revolt, and overturn those in authority. That is going on now on many levels of life on the planet. Pluto often reveals the underbelly of all that’s going on, so don’t be surprised if we see more and more “exposés,” revealing what leaders and others have done in their quest for total power and control. 

Power struggles prevail during such Pluto periods. Notice if you’re experiencing anything like this in your own life. All that we’re seeing on the world stage is also taking place within us. And like I said before, on some level, all that is IN us is creating all that we’re seeing OUT THERE. 

Many are experiencing this “out of control” energy by being overwhelmed. And the more this feeling continues, the more people “jump ship”—by leaving their job, their wife, or even their body. This is a period of major change for the whole collectively, as well as for every individual contributing to the whole. 

During this time, we need to start getting in touch with what we have going on inside, and cleaning that up. This means getting in touch with your emotions, telling the truth about what you’re feeling and what you feel motivated to do. It means it’s time to start thinking for yourself and not buying into whatever is being told to you by those around you, especially when they’re trying to control your thoughts and behaviors.

To start thinking for yourself is hard for many people, as you want to be liked; you want to fit in. Most people don’t want to think for themselves. It’s easier to just “swallow” all that your family members and friends have swallowed. That way, they’ll like you, you won’t be ousted, and you can feel safe. 

However, all that people are being told, by TV and radio announcers, by advertisements on TV, by the news and social media in general, is not necessarily what you would choose to believe, IF you decided to think for yourself. There are a lot of beliefs being promulgated that are part of an agenda of some entity or entities who are wanting all the power and control over others they can get. 

If you aren’t aware of such ploys to take control and have power over the masses, then you might want to start praying for discernment so you can eventually see the Truth. Such prayers will allow your Higher Self to guide you to the information you need to free you from the tyranny and power grab taking place in the world of which you are currently unaware.

The same energies that impacted the U.S. in 1776 are taking place today. The world is different, of course, and the scenario is different, but it’s the same energy, bringing the same need to break free of tyranny and choose freedom. If you listen to what is being “broadcast” to the masses, you will no longer be able to choose “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 

This isn’t so much about politics as it is about our deepest human desires and our ability to manifest those desires. We must start focusing on peace and harmony, rather than war and chaos. We must share words and thoughts of abundance and caring, not focus on shortages and hardships. What we put out in thought and word, we manifest.

When we are told that we will have food shortages (for example), make sure you don’t buy into that and make it real for yourself, or this is what you will experience. We need people to pray for or intend to manifest: peace, abundance, prosperity, and harmony. We need to intend to create a world of Light, where people care about one another and choose to work together, so that all may experience the potential goodness life has to offer. When enough people are aligned on this goal, it will happen.

You’ve heard of the “hundredth monkey”? We need to create that on the planet… where enough people are intending to create peace, connection and mutual support between all people and nations on the planet that it naturally and automatically happens, like an idea whose time has come. 

Clean up your own act. Express your feelings honestly, without blame. Let go of the beliefs that are keeping you from creating the reality you truly want. Be kind to others. Then, support them in doing the same. That’s the “pass it on” part. 

There is a tremendous potential to create a world that works for us all. It may look “bad” now, but this is part of purging the aspects of our old consciousness that attracted all this, to make way for our new consciousness that will manifest a new and better world. Don’t trust what you see as the “ultimate reality,” as it is on its way out. Trust in a new and better world, whether you can see it or not. When enough of us do so, it will happen. This is truth, not just wishful thinking. 

Pluto makes current structures crash and burn, but then the “Phoenix” rises from the ashes—a true mystical transformation takes place. We are witnessing the crashing and burning now, and the wondrous transformation is yet to come. Have faith. It is coming. And trust that it is worth being here at this time to witness it all!

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